Monthly contacts should have proper parameters in order to avoid infections and irritations. The Biofinity contact lenses do provide users with such parameters.

Biofinity are the most popular contact lenses for nearsighted and farsighted users. These contacts are manufactured by Cooper Vision, one of the main companies with contacts within the world market of optical items. The Biofinity provide users with a high coefficient of oxygen permeability and a high degree of hydration as well. The Biofinity contact lenses are available in versions of daily course – with a 30-day long period of use – mixed course and prolonged course – with a 7 day period of use with no break. These contacts also provide users with a high quality of vision because of front surfaces realized according to an aspherical construction.

Through the use of Comfilcon A, an advanced material, and the modern technology Aquaform Comfort, the Biofinity avoid the gathering of impurities on the surface of the lenses for the whole period of use. However, users must treat these contacts once per day, in order to keep them clean and disinfected.

For whom are the Biofinity recommended?

The Biofinity provide users with a high degree of comfort without contraindications, such as irritations. Therefore, these contacts are recommended for beginners and users with allergies that suffer from the dry eye syndrome.

For the daily care of these contacts, it is recommended to utilize the EYE SEE Aqua solution. Every night, prior to go to bed, it is necessary to wash and rinse the Biofinity within a lens case, which has to be cleaned and disinfected too through the care solution mentioned above, in order to avoid the gathering of impurities and microorganisms.

Replacements for the Biofinity

The Cooper Vision trades contacts in several countries through partnerships with dealers. These dealers are authorized to change the name of the Biofinity for commercial reasons, so that these contacts could be available within the world market also as iWear Oxygen, Medivue Premier, more and more.

Where can you find Biofinity lenses at a good price?

Biofinity lenses at