Proclear Sphere

The Proclear Sphere are soft monthly contact lenses of daily course by Cooper Vision. These contacts are intended for nearsighted and farsighted users. The Proclear Sphere make users with dry eyes fell comfortable during the whole period of use. Moreover, these contacts properly fit the 95% of the users' eyes because of a smooth surface and an aspherical shape.

The Proclear Sphere are manufactured according to the PC technology. This technology protects eyes from impurities and provides users with keen vision. The PC technology also maintains the contacts clean during the whole period of use.

For whom are the Biofinity recommended?

The Proclear Sphere are intended for individuals who complain about irritated eyes and blurred vision while wearing conventional contacts. In particular, the Proclear Sphere are intended to individuals who work at the computer and spend hours in rooms with air conditioned. These contacts are also recommended for both professional and non professional drivers.

The Proclear Sphere are so thin that neither users, nor the crowd can perceive them. These contacts are also highly resistant to dryness and provide users with a high degree of hydration. Such parameters are important for individuals who want to wear comfortable contacts for 12 hours with no break.

The Proclear Lenses are manufactured with a pale blue tinge that helps users to put the contacts on and take them off. Therefore, these contacts are recommended for beginners.

Where can you find Biofinity lenses at a good price?

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