Eye care apps to help people select or utilize contact lenses

apps of selecting contact lensesTechnology helps people improve not only their professional and private life, but also take care about health in a more immediate and precise way than it used to be only a couple of decades ago. With respect to eye care, several apps have been recently launched in order to both help optometrists give quick and precise solutions to patients and make individuals with vision defects enjoy a clear vision.

Apps for eye care divide into two main groups. On the one hand, several apps assist physicians, optometrists and contacts users in the selection of the most proper contacts to correct vision defects. On the other, more sophisticated apps have been developed to help contacts users improve their lifestyle and utilize their contacts properly.

However, it is important to underline that eye care apps do not replace physicians and optometrists in diagnosing vision defects and finding solutions to them. Therefore, it is highly recommended to undergo medical checkups after utilizing eye care apps, in order to make a specialist verify the situation of vision.

Contact Lens Tracker, OptiExpert, VisionSlim, Save My Eyes or another app?

Contact Lens Tracker is an app that pertains to the group of apps launched to help users with vision defects select the most proper contacts. In particular, this app is specialized in finding contacts of prolonged use, such as two-weekly and monthly contact lenses.

OptiExpert is an app aimed at helping individuals with vision defects find the most proper contacts by Avaira, Biofinity, Biomedics, Clarity and Ploclear. This app, mainly intended for people with astigmatism, is developed by CooperVision, one of the main manufacturers of contacts within the world market of optical products. More about OptiExpert at CooperVision.co.uk.

VisionSim is intended for contacts users in order to simulate how their vision defects may affect familiars, friends, colleagues and loved people.

With respect to the apps launched to make individuals improve their lifestyle while wearing contacts, Save My Eyes is the most innovative and dynamic app at the same time. In fact, Save My Eyes is conceived according to the principle 20/20/20, that means every 20 minutes take a 20 second long break and look at something 20 centimeters away.

Save My Eyes reminds users about having the brief break and doing the exercise by buzzing every 20 minutes. Therefore, this app is intended, in particular, for individuals who work at the computer and suffer from the dry eye syndrome.

The consult of a doctor is still necessary

EyeXam analyzes the condition of eyes by doing a vision screening. However, this app is not a reliable alternative to medical checkups. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist in case the app diagnosed a vision defect or suggested the use of contacts to correct it. More about this type of app at EyeXam.com.

Even though medical prescriptions cannot be replaced by apps and self-made checkups, so that physicians, experts and optometrists must be considered the lone professionals allowed to issue diagnoses, eye care apps are a useful tool for both contacts users and individuals with vision defects.

In fact, eye care apps help gather basic information about both the most proper contacts to be selected and the presence of vision defects that need to be corrected.