Famous sportsmen who wear contact lenses

famous sportsmen who wear contact lensesSport is a healthy activity that everybody can practice regardless of the condition of vision. In fact, the use of contact lenses allows individuals with vision defects to maintain an active lifestyle and do the same activities people with a good vision do too. Contact lenses are the most proper means to correct vision defects for individuals practicing sport because they are applied directly on the surface of eyes. On the contrary, corrective glasses are dangerous to be utilized by sportsmen as they fog up and may get broken.

Corrective glasses also decrease the field of vision, whereas contacts allow athletes to enhance the vision of the whole field of vision. With the exception of special corrective goggles properly manufactured for prominent football and basketball players, corrective glasses decrease the number of sport activities people with vision defects can do. Contact lenses are intended for individuals practicing sport also because they are safe. In fact, contacts protect eyes from injuries caused by a ball crashing on the face. Stability is one more advantage contacts provide users with, although, sometimes, it may happen that athletes lose their contacts while practicing sport, in particular on the occasion of hard, competitive matches. On the contrary, glasses are definitely less stable in the eyes.

Contact lenses in football

The advantages of wearing contacts while practicing sport was demonstrated by prominent athletes that used, and in some cases still use to wear contacts to improve their professional performances. The most enthusiastic instance is the one of Petr Čech, a former Chelsea goalkeeper that publicly praised the advantages that contacts provide professional athletes with.

Another prominent football player whose career is strictly tied to the use of contacts is Jérôme Boateng, one of the best defenders in the world who became famous not only because of improved sport performances due to the use of contact lenses, but also because of the launch of an eye-wear collection that Boateng conceived by his own. Michael Ballack, a former Chelsea and Bayern Munich midfielder, had to utilize contact lenses to correct a -3.00 vision defect that, without the use of contacts, would have compromised his career.

Going back to the past, it is necessary to mention French defender Lilian Thuram a world champion of football that used to wear contacts while playing football. Because of the occurrence of nearsightedness and astigmatism at the same time, Brazilian forward Kaka also used to wear contacts until he decided to undergo eye surgery to treat his eye defects.

Contact lenses in basketball

With respect to other sports, Golden State Warriors small forward Kevin Durant, who in 2011 asked his followers on Facebook should he start wearing contacts during competitive basketball events, is an instance of how basketball players need to wear contact lenses to perform better in their personal career.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker suffers from nearsightedness. Therefore, he has to utilize contacts in order to correct his vision defect while playing professional games. Going back to the past, Chicago Bulls players B.J. Armstrong and Bill Cartwright also wore contacts.

According to Dr. David Orth, the legendary Bulls ophthalmologist, the two athletes used to see the ball in a better way since they started wearing contacts.