Proclear are the best contact lenses for eye dryness

Eye dryness, a disease also known as the “dry eye syndrome”, leads individuals wearing contacts to suffer from blurred vision, infections and irritations, the Consumer Reports informs. According to the source, decongestant medications, drugs for depression, high blood pressure and glaucoma are the main causes of eye dryness. The use of contacts too adherent on eyes is a cause of eye dryness as well.

The source recommends individuals that suffer from the dry eye syndrome to utilize eye drops and contact lens solutions in order to avoid irritations and infections. Moreover, it urges those suffering from eye dryness to wear contacts with a high degree of hydration. In this respect, the source informs that the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America – FDA – recommends the use of contacts by Proclear because of the high degree of hydration these contacts provide users with.

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